Hi, I am Candace Gallagher!

I am a fun loving, loud, goofy and sometimes cheesy kind of lady. Born in southeastern NC and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  It’s just home. As a wife and mother for almost ten years now- my focus has lied heavily on Jaidyn, Shaelyn and Griffin; they are my world.

I love seeing the progression of my family in vivid photographs. Memory usually does not fail me, but it will never do justice to help me recall just how bright Shaelyn’s cheeks get when she is playing and having fun outside, or exactly how wide Jaidyn’s gap was when she lost her front two teeth at the same time or how small Griffin used to be and how fast he is growing up.  As much as it pains them to constantly be chased by a camera… it happens.  Hey, it’s educational and practice for me.  Haha!

Those details are so important to me.  I will treasure them forever… in a way it keeps a small piece of my children- children forever in my eyes.  Nothing could replace that.  I love what I can creat and accomplish during the entire creative process- in my thoughts, behind the lens, and on the computer.

I’m a nut when it comes to designing softwares, my current favorite being Photoshop. Also, I am in the process of earning a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from Wake Tech in Raleigh, NC and can’t wait to put my skills to work.

-Candace Gallagher

 Thinker, Designer, Photographer