Basic shapes


First week of Drawing Fundamentals I!  And my first assignment is to loosely and fluidly use my arm, not wrist to draw about 50 circles/ellipses and 50 squares/rectangles.  I have literally never drawn like this before… but it sounds simple enough right?


Doing this assignment was more challenging that I initially gave it credit for.  I struggled the entire way through to not draw from the wrist and to make full movements with my arm instead.  So difficult, when you have been doing it the other way around your entire life.  It was kind of fun though, I never sit down to just draw or doodle anymore.  I found my movements to be more fluid with the circles and ellipses than the squares and parallelograms.  My movement became more rigid and less predictable when it came to having to draw straight lines.  Definitely something to work on.



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