Composition with lines: shading and highlighting

It’s hard to know what to draw or write about when you’re a full time graphic design student but also a mother, a wife, an aspiring photographer, on a health journey and also have other hobbies as well.

While working on my first major assignment for my drawing fundamentals course, I realized that I was making some serious progress.  It really amazes me, before this course I had literally not drawn anything for several years and have never really been very talented at it in the first place.

I did well, I definitely impressed myself- if nothing else.  I’m pleased with the improvements I have seen, already, in just the few short weeks this semester, but also can distinguish my own shortcomings and cannot wait to begin working on those next.

So we had to drawn four separate sketches of the same still life Setup a composition of boxy, rounded and canister objects from different angles and then pick the best one to construct a more detailed final version. Emphasizing the lines- interior, exterior, contours, etc.  Check them out below!

#1 Composition



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