Textures Continued: “Pop Art”

Continuing on from last week’s material I was to get a soda pop can and smash or twist down the can,  then pull it back up to 3/4 or full height. Using shading, value, and color to make a monochromatic (one color only) drawing of the can.

I ended up using a Diet Coke can (that had cute little polar bears on it) for this assignment.  It’s not completed yet but I will post progression shots as I go.  I’ve learned that shading and blending is SO important and that you are constantly shading, blending, erasing and then shading some more.  The more you work it the better it gets- even if you are being completely meticulous.

I really enjoy going back and adding the highlights/ reflection spots and small flares.  The shading gets a little bit tedious for me, maybe because I’ve been using only my fingers for that- hmm, maybe I should switch that up some- it just feels like it takes forever.  I do see the importance though, so I will just power through it. 😉


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