Form and Shape, Mass and Volume

This week’s assignments were to divide three pages into four sections each and then sketch in a defined technique on each section of the page.

The first page was to include cross contour drawings. I initially thought the cross contours were going to be a complete cakewalk but those things are really tough.  I don’t feel like I was doing it right but I just couldn’t really wrap my head around the idea of it.  As I’m working more in this course, it is becoming more natural and fluid to incorporate this though.


The second page was a study of light and dark and how they work differently to create volume.  I really thought that the light and dark volume page was going to be my least favorite but I really loved it.  It was very simple and it amazed me how the images just appeared with very little effort on my end at all.


The third page and method was negative space sketches.  I really enjoyed getting creative with this technique as well.  I’m glad that I chose to use the same items for some of the different techniques so I could really get a good idea of the differences and similarities with each technique.


I have learned that I REALLY need to keep track of my fixative spray, as I misplaced it and it definitely would have been helpful with this as my negative space sketches were a complete mess by the end, regardless of how careful I had been.



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