Practice with color

Chances are, you probably used colored pencils when you were a kid- as did I.  There is a big difference in coloring a page from a coloring book and just trying to stay inside the lines and trying to completely construct a new image that displays depth, mass and its entire shape.  So much more goes into it than just that.  You have to figure out how to implement your highlights and your shading without overpowering the color… it has to be a fluid transition or it simply looks strange.

Check my colored pencil drawings out below!

I had SO MUCH FUN!  I really enjoyed the carefree technique I used in some of the pieces, it was rough and so enjoyable.  I think I might do that more often, outside of classwork. 🙂 I did have trouble in some areas getting the values exactly how i wanted but for the most part, with plenty of re-working it, i think they totally came out well.


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