Landscape Sketches

Wow, I knew I was in for some really hard work when I read this week’s assignment prompt.  And it was tough, because it was very different from anything I’ve drawn up to this point.  But it was very enjoyable, it was nice to get out and look for things to draw rather than scurry around to find random bits and pieces for another still life.  I really feel like I branched out a little with this assignment.  Yay.

It turned out to actually be way more fun that what I thought it was going to be.  I learned that trees are just so difficult to get exactly right so it’s really important to be able to just give the “illusion” of trees in your drawing.  Squinting and drawing initial shapes help so, so much.

Check out my drawings below!!

1. The dairy at Floyd Farms, Fairmont NC

2. Random old shed/barn in Orrum, NC

3. Lumber River State Park/ Princess Ann, Orrum NC

4. Northeast Park trail, Lumberton NC

We were to then choose our favorite composite and work it further til completion.  I choose composition number 1. The dairy at Floyd Farms, Fairmont NC.  And here you can see my final work after lots of elbow grease getting in there and blending:






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