Model Portrait

Ah, the final project!  I felt so much more prepared to take this assignment on after doing the three self portrait assignments in previous weeks.  I’m feeling much more confident in my ability to sketch certain facial features that were giving me trouble before.  I was having issues with giving the eye dimension/ volume, as well as sketching the nose as well as I would have liked to- especially if the subject was positioned in a 3/4 pose or anything similar.

So for my final assignment in my drawing fundamentals course I choose to ask the model to pose at an angle to me with close her eyes, because I feel that I have done pretty well with  drawing the eyes and am confident in that area now.  I wanted to use the eyelids as an opportunity to try and give the eye area that amount of depth and play with the values there.

For the nose, I wanted to focus in on getting the dimensions of that as close to accurate as I could.  Making sure that the nostrils were not exactly the same, or the same size due to the model being posed on an angle to me.

I also wanted to incorporate another area that I noticed I tend to unintentionally omit from my drawings, the philtrum. I am very happy with the outcome and will continue to ensure that minute details are always included in my sketches such as those.

I used graphite pencils for this sketch (F. 2H, HB, 6B, 12B).  I like to use multiple pencils in the hair as a way to give it more texture than just shading and blending can accomplish alone.  Also, vine charcoal was also employed, some across the model’s left side of the face, shoulder and arm and also for the shadow area behind the model.



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